How to purchase your very own Kangen Water Ionizer?

We are Distributors of Enagic, a Japanese company, Kangen Water Ionizers. We make product presentations in your area, but also distribute Kangen Water Ionizers products Internationally. (Product Presentations Free and No Commitment) Interested in seeing a live presentation prior to placing an order call us to arrange your appointment. Be convinced!

Knowing you might have questions about how to purchase the product, performance, prices, etc., inquire without obligation. We are happy to answer all your questions!

John: 760.332.8450

(Kangen for Athletes)

Payment Options

~ Cash

~ Credit Card –

~ Co-merica Financing – Rueben – (310) 316-4241

Starting as low as $45/mo, Zero Down, 0% Interest for 12 mo (a credit score 660 minimum needed)

13th mo interest added between 9.9% – 20.9% depending on your credit when get machine

No retroactive interest, no penalty if you were to pay off early or can take as long as 6 years

Talking about $40/mo first year…$50-$60/mo beginning 13th mo.

~ Co-Sign

~ Bank Loan

~ Enagic Financing (No Credit Check necessary, $800 Down Payment, $225/16 mo