What are the Symptoms of Dehydration?

Fatigue: Dehydration causes enzymatic activity to slow down.
Constipation: During dehydration, the colon removes more water than normal in order to provide it for other parts of the body.
Digestive disorders: Dehydration reduces the secretion of digestive juices. This can be the root of heartburn, gastritis, and ulcers.
High blood pressure: The body s blood volume is mostly water. Dehydration results in thicker blood which is more difficult to pump.
Cholesterol: Dehydration results in cellular water loss. The body produces more cholesterol in an attempt to seal off water loss.
Respiratory troubles: A large amount of water is lost during breathing. Dehydration results in restricted airways in an attempt to reduce water loss.
Acid-alkaline imbalance: Dehydration significantly reduces the body s ability to remove acidic wastes.
Weight gain: Thirst is often confused with hunger. When food is consumed at the expense of water, weight gain can be the result.
Skin disorders: The skin is the body s largest detoxification pathway. Lack of water restricts the movement of toxins through the skin and also results in premature wrinkling.
Liver, kidney, bladder problems: The liver, kidneys, and bladder all require copious amounts of water for detoxification. Dehydration increases the concentration of the toxins these organs must eliminate.
Joint problems: Cartilage is mainly water. Dehydration increases abrasive damage and delays repair.
Premature aging: The body of a newborn child is over 90 % water. The amount of water declines with age.

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