10 Reasons To Drink Alkaline Water: Where To Get Alkaline Water

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1 Lose Weight: Alkaline water cut reserved fat; ultimately, influencing weight loss. One of the main reasons our body stores more fat than we require is because of acidity. Most people diet plans include lots fat and acidic foods. Poor eating habit such as the ones mentioned intensify the problem of a decreased pH level. We should aim to maintain a pH balance of 7.36 which is slightly alkaline. Drinking alkaline water helps us in two ways. One, we hydrate our body. Two, it helps cut down on acid and fat.

2 Reduce Joint Pains and Arthritis: Joint pain emerges only when our body is acidic. Alkaline water can fight joint pain by regulating our pH balance. It also contains antioxidants, which eliminates free radicals in our body that target joints causing pain and aggravating arthritic pain.

3 Reduce Candida: Candida agitates the sugar in our body. It is present in us for health reasons, like friendly bacteria. However, when yeast proliferation occurs, Candida works in contrast to friendly bacteria in our body, causing our immune system to weaken. Alkaline can help neutralize this condition.

4 Anti Aging: Water is a good anti aging method, but, drinking alkaline water is even better one. It helps reduce acne and eczema apart from other skin problems. Alkaline water forms small clusters that are easy to absorb; hydrating our body more effectively. This causes our skin to plump up and age slower.

5 Detoxify: Alkaline water holds detoxification properties as it helps get rid of free radicals. It is easily absorbed because it is less clustered. Detoxification occurs as alkaline water which contains antioxidants demolishes free radicals in our body.

6 Reduce the Osteoporosis Problem: Acidity leaches out calcium and magnesium from our body leading to osteoporosis. To fight this problem, alkaline water can help get rid of acidity by neutralizing our body; bringing it in pH balance. When we lose important minerals from our body our bones and other body member becomes weak, which makes us more prone to osteoporosis. The easiest way to avoid such a problem is to drink alkaline water.

7 Increase Energy Reserves: Alkaline water is a reservoir of hydroxyl or OH- molecules; free oxygen for our body. Our blood stream requires oxygen to provide energy. Alkaline water can help provide a constant flow of oxygen in our system. This means an instant boost in our energy levels will take place.

8 Build Cardiovascular Health: Acidic reserves in our body create several health problems like diabetes, kidney stones etc. Poor digestion led by stress and poor dietary habits; adds to decreased cardiovascular health. Acidic waste builds up and frustrates this condition. To get rid of this waste, alkaline water can help neutralize the acid in our body.

9 Reduce Infections, Flu and Colds: Immunity weakens with more and more acidity in our body; causing us to fall sick more frequently. Alkaline water can help build up alkaline reserves and neutralize acids helping our body to recuperate and grow stronger.

10 Decrease Risk of Cancer: We have a risk of cancer when our bodies are acidic in nature. Doctors promote alkaline water and alkaline dietary habits to combat health risks that are associated with acidity. Alkaline water is a good way to fight cancer risk and eliminate of acid reserves in our body. Cancer develops when our cells become unhealthy and begin to adapt to our body’s unhealthy environment. Alkaline water can bring health back to our body’s environment and reduce this risk of unhealthy cell growth.

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